Second Wind Horse and Rider

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Welcome to Second Wind Horse & Rider. Achieve the impossible.

The work done at Second Wind combines the best that we know of the long history between horses and humans, and the cutting edge of both modern science and a revolution in horsemanship. With highly skilled, expert instruction, and a focus on fine detail, we put together the very best environment for successful equine partnership.

At Second Wind, we recognize that horsemen have many interests and responsibilities. We work with our clientele to reduce expenses and unneccessary additional stresses. We provide services for family support, and offer high-caliber, experienced training options for your other animal family members. Dog training and assistance with other species is well within our skill set, so come to us for all of your extensive family needs. If we can't do it, we will refer you to someone who can. 

Second Wind believes that we are interacting with animals out of love, and we want every day with us to lift you up, and to bring you joy in your choices.

This summer, we are thrilled to introduce our newest herd member, Elijah Blue. This charming large Morab pony  is a highly-trained, talented and enthusiastic ride, with skills spanning upper-level dressage, jumping, trail, beginner, and therapy work. Come enjoy this ultra-cool horse, and others, at our locations on O'Malley Road, Palmer and Wasilla. 

Eli with his wonderful previous owner and trainer, Chelsea Lynn Tracy, and above, settling in at his new home with the kids.