Second Wind Horse and Rider

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Horse Training

Horse training is sold in minimum packages of eight sessions for $350.00, with price breaks occuring for larger purchases. The individual sessions are framed by initial capability and goal-attainment, time allotment can vary. Primary assessments are $50.00. Potential clients are invited to view current clientele in active sessions. 

Riding Instruction

Riding lessons are sold individually, or in discounted packages, minimum of eight, with price breaks for larger purchases. Lessons on a Second Wind Schoolmaster start at $50.00 per session, $40.00 on your own mount, or $30.00 for 4-H and group sessions. Time allotment can vary according to initial capability and goal-attainment. Potential clients are invitied to view current clientele in active sessions. 

Care Services

Care services include emergency medical assessment and triage, professional grooming and show turn-out, excercise, and    general maintenence such as feed, stall and basic health management. Prices vary.

Specialized Instruction

Specialized instruction includes competitive support, instruction  for potential professionals, therapeutic and rehabilitative services, long-distance instruction, marketing, and access to clinic series. Prices vary.


Other offerings

At Second Wind, horses are not all that we do well. We are one of the few operations offering services to dogs with severe behavioral disorders. Like our most difficult horses, we have a program that will bring your dog deep into the heart of your family again. Also included is a wide variety of doggy disciplines, from competition to a spectrum of service options that will allow your to achieve your highest expectations. We fulfill dreams here, even for those who have surrendered theirs.